Church Livestream FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need this? Why shouldn't I just embed the livestream directly from Facebook?

Every time your church goes live on Facebook, the embed code you would get from Facebook changes every time. This would require you to have to embed a new code to your website every single time (about 3 times a week!). With MyChurch.Stream, you just set the embed code one time and forget it, or if you want, you can link to your own landing page instead that shows all the details one would need to know about your church.

Can I put my church information on the landing page?

Yes! You can put the following information on your landing page for curious visitors or your own church members.

  • Church Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Service Times
  • Giving Link
  • Website

What if I just need the embed, not the page?

That's totally fine! You get the embed whether you need a page or not. Just copy the embed code and paste it onto your website easily. Once you set it one time, you can be assured that your website will show your latest livestream every time - without ever having to update it.

Can the landing page only show Facebook livestreams?

Yes - for now. We are diligently working to integrate Youtube soon. If you have any product or feature requests, feel free to email us at

Any more questions? Feel free to email us at


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